Project - Stupid

If you ever find yourself looking at a tired, 20 plus year old dirtbike with sacked out wheels and a frame that resembles a pretzel in shape and an everlasting gobstopper in color as the various spray bomb jobs flake off each other and go "This could be an AWESOME road racer" consider seeking professional help.

Air Time on Mistake


  • "1992 was a long time ago, why not start with something manufactured this millennium?"
    • - I actually have the perfect all around machine in my garage right now, all I have to do is write the check. Unfortunately that check would be printed on the finest Goodyear rubber, and I'm not going to tease the owner with a payment plan offer or other typical NESR lowball shenanigans. No budget, but I've at least got something that at one time moved under it's own power so that's what I'm starting with.
  • "So, you really think you can be competitive on that badly polished turd?"
    • - Competitive is a relative term, to ask properly you have to mention what you think I'm trying to compete against. This machine is never going to see a podium short of a miracle. That's not the intent. The goal is a B bike that will allow me to circulate under a green flag and collect some points instead of a DNS/DNF should something happen to the A bike. In that way, it's competitive, relative to not going on track. In the mean time, I get to play on a motard again, yay!
    • - Update July 2017 - The initial guess at geometry was too conservative even for a fast track like NHMS resulting in a bike that didn't want to turn at all. I was a rolling road block with white plates. Some tweaking later and I'm now putting up a fight in short track events, although some techniques like backing it in via engine braking are much harder on this machine, and power delivery differences result in alternate line choices, etc.
  • "It's going to blow up on the first lap, raining fire and brimstone over the entire track. Puppies may be killed as a result of the collateral damage."
    • - That's not a question meathead, but this is a totally foreseeable outcome. I'm dragging a 23+ year old two stroke motocrosser out of the grave and trying to convince it to be a GP machine instead, without a movie montage build and training sequence and a killer theme song banged out on a Casio keyboard the odds of failure are high. Don't care. The bike has pretty much sat since I got back into road racing so even a lap in which it goes boom is more use than it's seen so a win in my book. That said, I am doing my homework and will be jetting/mixing appropriately, the motor is pretty fresh despite the external appearances.
    • - Update July 2017 - So... it did blow up. Cracked the cylinder to be exact. From talking to multiple authorities on the subject it didn't fail due to my road racing it, but due to either past abuse likely involving hammers for assembly / disassembly or a flaw in the casting. In short, the fuse had been lit long ago, it was due to go off at any time. A new top end has been assembled and the hour meter is once again running.
  • "Do you EVER do things the normal way?!"
    • - Yes, I like my steak medium rare and as long as it's a good cut it doesn't need anything beyond a little salt and pepper before being served.
  • "Is this a dumb idea?"
    • - Absolutely.
  • "Couldn't you just buy a ready to go machine for less?"
    • - No, not without the new whip having some fatal, expensive to correct flaw at least. I'm gaming the system a little in that I've got a line on some of the bits at a good price, a good chunk of the bits used will also be directly usable on modern Yamahas giving me a means of bailing while reducing my losses or moving up to a newer unit without having to rebuild totally from scratch.
  • "Wheels man, what about the wheels, man?"
    • - Rad MFG units, gold billet hubs, black spokes and black CACR rims.
    • - Update July 2017 - Rad MFG has gone the way of the dodo. The good news my front end is a straight up 2009 YZ450 setup so other wheels will bolt right up. In back I'll have to have custom spacers made to fit other wheels if need be, no big deal.
  • "Why is it named 'Mistake'?"
    • - Two explanations:
      • This idea was a bad mistake, what have I done?
      • What was I thinking, it was a dumb mistake to not have done this sooner, damn this is fun!