Project - A-ko

Ultralight Secret Weapon

The FZR400RR SP was a homologation special put out by Yamaha as the final evolution of the FZR400 line.  Nearly every detail outside of the engine is tweaked or different from the 1st gen parts bin special we got in the US.  All the refinements were in the name of competing against the other specials being put out by Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki for racing in the Japanese 400 series.  Things like factory quick change wheel setups front and back, aluminum subframes and towards the end flat slide carbs made these machines potent little racers without having to touch a single bolt.  The aftermarket in Japan and the UK went nuts over them and made it possible to turn them into legitimate superbikes for their time.

Mine is one of a few imported by Speedwerks to the US specifically for racing.  So far I've only seen about 5 RRs that appear to still be actively circulating.  Mine is built to compete in LRRS's ULSB category.