You've got a killer race bike that is older, hard to source parts for and has a motor build with a lifespan measured in hours rather than tens of thousands of miles but you like to ride lots, what do you do? Buy someone else's abandoned revival project at low cost and put time on it instead!

Side view of racer on R6 leaned over to the right.


A bone stock save for suspension and slip on exhaust 2003 Yamaha YZF-R6. It started life racing at NHMS, worked it's way down south where it eventually was crashed and picked up by a young racer who also wanted to avoid putting hours on his main bike. Due to an unplanned injury he wasn't able to reassemble it either so I snagged it. Some TLC and garage time later I have an uncompetitive middle weight that all it needs to be happy for a day on the track is a tank of gas. No coaxing flatslides to fire up a cold motor without the benefit of choke. No wondering if a carbon fiber tank is going pick today to be the day it starts leaking. No special maintenance required, just thumb the starter and go play. It's not going to win any awards for performance or looks but I have a ball on it just the same.

As to the name, I got the bike in February and didn't actually get it on track until LRRS Round 6. One person claimed that there was no R6 and that all my discussion about it trying to get it working correctly was a facade and I'd never hit the track on a middle weight... at that point the R6 was named.