LRRS 2016 - Round 4 in the books

No full report for this round, just a highlights reel.

  • Too dang hot, again! The heat got to me on Saturday prompting an early exit from the GTL. This was after watching Smoking Joe high side out of 12 on the first lap trying to prevent me from motoring back by him down the straight. Between that and the heat my head just wouldn't get in the game.
  • Microburst! NHMS got hit by one on Saturday that moved trailers, took out trees and ultimately ended the day early by knocking out power.
  • ULGP was some of the most fun I have had on track, a combination chess match and gun fight with B.J. Worsham the entire race. I had the motor, he had the moves, good freaking time!
  • Bonnie, the TT-R has moved on to a new owner.
  • Work is underway to revive Mistake. Repair work done to A-ko prior to Rd 4 was a success.

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