2020 Changes are coming...

I'll do up a proper State of the Garage with a rundown of what the plan is for 2020 just as soon as I figure it out. in the mean time one thing is already visible, on the right I'm no longer listing sponsors. Playing the game is fun for short periods but at the end of the day I'm just not good at remembering to get pics and post little blurbs and taggables constantly. So, rather than give potential sponsors sub-par returns on their investment I'm going to skip that part of the racing game. If I'm showing a brand on the right, I've dealt with the company directly at some level and am comfortable with their product and people behind it. Those spots are not for sale, freebies or no, and are subject to change over time as I interact with the industry. This change also means I'll likely be more lazy with this site and Facebook, etc. Sorry, best way to see what's going on will be to come play with bikes with me going forward.

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