2020 Changes are coming...

I'll do up a proper State of the Garage with a rundown of what the plan is for 2020 just as soon as I figure it out. in the mean time one thing is already visible, on the right I'm no longer listing sponsors. Playing the game is fun for short periods but at the end of the day I'm just not good at remembering to get pics and post little blurbs and taggables constantly. So, rather than give potential sponsors sub-par returns on their investment I'm going to skip that part of the racing game. If I'm showing a brand on the right, I've dealt with the company directly at some level and am comfortable with their product and people behind it. Those spots are not for sale, freebies or no, and are subject to change over time as I interact with the industry. This change also means I'll likely be more lazy with this site and Facebook, etc. Sorry, best way to see what's going on will be to come play with bikes with me going forward.

A new sponsor appears!

Look to the right, you'll see Warp 9's logo gracing the support section. They've stepped in to help with the bad idea project and I couldn't be happier! Primarily known for their dirt and sumo wheels, they also make brake rotors, Titanium bits including axles and lots of other parts for motocross machines. In particular I'm going to be using one of their forged aluminum tubeless wheels so I can forget about fighting tubes and tightening spokes forever on the road racer conversion.

Project updates!

I've updated the Project - Stupid page to reflect the current state of affairs. Once I get a bit more time I'll follow up with a fresh page for the R6 project and geneal clean up on the others. There is also a quick review of the new, quieter generator I've bought for use at Boxshop, and I'll be posting a bit more detailed look at it later, the vid should be visible in the lower right corner of the site.

Suit happenings!

It's done, Todd at Heroic and I have locked in on a suit design!

2017 - Time to update

I've updated the site, including listing my new sponsor for 2017, Heroic Racing Apparel. I'll have a project page for the basket case that is my new middleweight machine soon. In the mean time enjoy a new State of the Garage report.

LRRS 2016 - Round 4 in the books

No full report for this round, just a highlights reel.

  • Too dang hot, again! The heat got to me on Saturday prompting an early exit from the GTL. This was after watching Smoking Joe high side out of 12 on the first lap trying to prevent me from motoring back by him down the straight. Between that and the heat my head just wouldn't get in the game.
  • Microburst! NHMS got hit by one on Saturday that moved trailers, took out trees and ultimately ended the day early by knocking out power.
  • ULGP was some of the most fun I have had on track, a combination chess match and gun fight with B.J. Worsham the entire race. I had the motor, he had the moves, good freaking time!
  • Bonnie, the TT-R has moved on to a new owner.
  • Work is underway to revive Mistake. Repair work done to A-ko prior to Rd 4 was a success.
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