Quick Facts:

  • Born in 1977 in Maine, and still living in the Pinetree state.
  • Avid computer nut, linux kernel contributor, ARM fan and general nerd.
  • Finds writing this Bio page very awkward.


  • 1989-ish - Started riding friends' dirtbikes, XR80s, XR100s, crazy YZ60s and even some saddle time on a far too big for the skill set XR400.
  • 1997-ish - Street riding, bouncing around machines like a Yamaha BW200, Honda V65 Magna and a HD Sporster 883 Hugger Custom.
  • 2005 - Talked into participating in a new pitbike racing league started by some active and former LRRS road racers looking for more excuses to bang bars on CRF70s.  Also tried a couple dirt pitbike events.  When the dust settled, scored 4th overall in both the 70cc and 110cc divisions.  The bait had been taken, the competition hook was now set.
  • 2006 - The local pitbike series collapsed but there were others being run outside of Maine to pick up the slack.  Dirt, pavement, you're not picky when you've got the itch to race.  Even got on the ice for fun.
  • 2007 - New venue, indoor pitbike racing!  This brought a bunch of the 2005 fast guys out of retirement and opened up a whole new learning curve trying to be fast on cold concrete.  This training directly translated to faster times on pavement.
  • 2008 - Rookie season with LRRS racing full size bikes because the pitbike scene was fading fast.  I showed up on a machine down 20% on power comapared to the others in it's class, and nearly ended my season at the first event with a crash in the rain.  After recovering, I managed to drag my times down into the 1:30s and managed a 4th running with the USCRA in Formula EX.
  • 2009 - More GS500E racing in LRRS as a Novice, put in an OK midpack showing on it, managed to win a USCRA Formula EX race in the rain.  The real highlight of the season was picking up a KTM 520SX midway through the year and immediatly dropping my times down into the 1:25s.  This was good enough to earn me a bump to Amateur status in LRRS.
  • 2010 - Bought a house, was sensible and didn't blow money racing for the year.
  • 2011 - Raced the 70 with NEMM at Boxshop, winning my first race in GP80.  Also picked up a wreck of a dirtbike, revived it and participated in Stimilon which was a blast.  Still no official road racing effort, although plans started to form around a proper ULSB attack.
  • 2012 - More play time on the dirtbike and pitbike.  Started building a full superbike class FZR400.
  • 2013 - The debut of the FZR in LRRS and first time competing wearing yellow Amateur plates.  Much of the year is spent sorting the new bike, eventually got lap times down to 1:24s with visits to the podium.
  • 2014 - On track to win AM ULSB overall, with a fighting chance of taking AM GTL as well the season sees personal bests at Loudon drop quickly, eventually dipping into the 1:21s.  The season is cut short by a crash in Turn 1 in August, a broken collar bone and damaged A-ko preventing a quick return to the fight.  This year also saw a return to Boxshop on a TT-R 125LE running both pavement and supermoto courses.  Despite the injury from LRRS 1st in GP50 and 2nd in Aircooled is secured.  The year ended on an up note still, 1:21s in AM ULSB are more than enough to garner a license upgrade to Expert for 2015!
  • 2015 - White plates, refreshed bikes and potentially a new mount added to the stable promise to make 2015 interesting.